Simple Acclimation

The AccliMate’s™ easy-to-use, automated design now allows you to set it and walk away. The user regulated, dual siphon, Continuous Exchange System (CES) slowly replaces store water with your aquarium water.

Easy Transportation

Take your AccliMate to the fish store to save the bag and save the stress. The sliding lid prevents spills while allowing oxygen exchange during transportation.

Trap and Isolate

The inner tanks with flow-through holes can be secured to the inside walls of the aquarium using the included suction cups. Can be used for in tank isolation, quarantine, targeted feeding and more.

AccliMate™ Standard (.5 gallon capacity)

The AccliMate™ Standard is ideal for acclimating, transporting, trapping and isolating smaller aquarium fish, invertebrates and corals. This unit will handle aquarium fish up to 2-1/2” long.

With our new, patent-pending automatic acclimation system, the process of acclimating is not only easier for you, but safer for the species. The AccliMate™ promotes species health and reduces potential loss by eliminating ‘net stress.’ The inner tank design allows all species to be transferred without using spine-catching nets. When the AccliMate™ is used to transport species directly from a live fish store, fish can be transported and acclimated in the same unit! Less handling means less stress which means healthier fish.

Outer Tank Size: 7-5/8” W x 3-3/8” D x 6-1/4” T
Inner Tank Size: 7-1/8” W x 2-3/4” D x 5” T
Suction Cups: 2-1/2” diameter
Material: 3/16” thick acrylic
AccliStick included Free!

AccliMate™ XL
1.75 gallon capacity

The AccliMate™ XL will handle aquarium fish up to 4” long. You’ll also receive a center divider for the inner tank – great for separating two species.

Outer Tank Size: 11-1/4” W x 5-1/2” D x 9-1/4” T
Inner Tank Size: 10-5/8” W x 4-1/4” D x 7-5/8” T
Suction Cups: 3-1/4” diameter
Material: 1/8” thick acrylic
AccliStick included Free!

How to use the AccliMate™
Instructional Video

Setting up your new AccliMate couldn't be simpler.

This instructional video shows how to unbox and setup your new AccliMate along with an overview of the acclimation process and a demonstration of additional features of the Acclimate.

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